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The national character of the British (A. V. Pavlovskaya)

The paper is devoted to the English national character and its formation factors that include geographical position of the island country, climate, confusion of different peoples; history full of victories and conquests; traditions of harsh upbringing and education. A distinctive feature of the English character is on one hand its contradictory, paradoxical nature and on the other hand integrity and evidence. The British are known for their: sense of humour expressing in self-irony and in respect for themselves; understatement, silence and lack of emotions, self-restraint, self-control and eccentricity and oddity of appearance; on the one hand, traditions and conservatism, on the other — enterprise and business-orientation; love for silence and solitude, non-interference in others’ affairs; common sense.

English patriotism is based on the idea of ​​exclusivity (England — is not Europe), of loyalty to the monarchy and its representatives, and on pride in its history. English society is characterized by strict hierarchy, order and ordering (manifesting in the love of different clubs), neutral attitude to religious issues.

Keywords: the British, national character, conservatism, contradiction, common sense.

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