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Bolshunova N. Ya. The Problem of National Character

The paper describes the theory of the relation between human character and national identity. The author proves that it is impossible to judge the character of a person on the basis of their ethnic origin. The article says that the number of features or qualities of individual’s character are common for all people whereas some others are expressed in different ways that often depends on femininity or masculinity of ethos.

The relationship between national character and language of the people and the ethnic group is also under consideration. Linguistic experiments are conducted in Russian and English languages. The author refers to a large number of ethnologists and ethno psychologists in order to understand factors and causes that contribute to the development of both the Russian national character and national mentality, which is based on the idea of ​​multi-confessional, on super poliethnicity and therefore, antinomy.

Keywords: national character, femininity, masculinity, stereotypes, ethnicity, lingvokulturema.

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