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Alakbarli F. U. National Character of the Azerbaijani and Peoples of South Europe: Similarities and Differences

The paper focuses on similarities and differences in mentalities of the Turks and the Azerbaijanis, as well as the Italians, the Spaniards, the Armenians, the Greeks; some factors that assume certain national traits are also mentioned. Azerbaijan belongs to the Mediterranean and southern European civilization, but there are several distinct characteristics in the mentalities of the Turks and the Azerbaijanis: the Turks, being under the centuries lasting influence of military organization of society, are characterized by courage, severity, austerity, military honour, law-abiding, unquestioning obedience; pragmatism, economy, hard work; categorical judgments; restraint. Such features of the Spaniards, as confidence, haughtiness, seriousness and determination are similar to the Turkish ones.

The Azerbaijanis have such features as hospitality, generosity, devotion to family and family traditions, self-sacrifice, hard work, sociability, talkativeness; relativism of thought, reflection, quietism, self-irony, dependence on public opinion; flexibility of thinking contributes to fast and good adaptation to sociocultural changes. The Italian features are artistry, nonchalance, emotionality.

National identity manifests in the character of patriotism: the Turks have great-power patriotism, regional (localism) mentality dominates in Azerbaijan and in Italy; the Armenians and the Greeks are characterized by ethno-nationalism of small ethnic groups.

Keywords: the Turks, the Azerbaijanis, the Greeks, the Armenians, the Italians, the Spaniards, Mediterranean civilization culture, patriotism, ethnic nationalism.

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