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Pavlovskaya O. A., Pavlovskiy I. I. Russian national character: notes of famous French travellers of the XIX century

The article is based on the voyage notes of three famous foreigners of the XIX century. (T. Gautier, A. Dumas, H. Berlioz). On the one hand, they were the spokesmen of the stereotypical view of Russia in the West, but on the other hand, they formed those judgments and image of Russia abroad. Referring the personal sources, the author indicates the Russian national character dominants: kindness, tenderness; courage, passion, spontaneity (which manifest in hunting and in driving); hospitality; superstition; waste; organization and diligence, lack of emotionality, restraint (these traits were formed under harsh climate and tyrannical government); quietism, irrational behavior; aestheticism.

Keywords: Russian national character, dominants, travellers of the XIX century.

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