Edited by Anna Pavlovskaya and Grigory Kanarsh
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Pavlovskaya A. V. How to deal with the Russians (main features of the Russian character)

The author focuses on the most typical features of the Russian character, the understanding of which can be useful for foreigners in Russia. Geographical and climatic conditions, historical and cultural specific context left their mark on the Russian national character, the main features of which are greatness of Russian scale, severity, charity, simplicity. The author believes that the peasants’ communal co-existence led to communal consciousness, collectivism, mutual assistance, sense of brotherhood. Informal relations, openness, frankness, highly appreciated friendship, honour and respect to the boss, avoiding political issues, lack of law-obedience, negative attitude to wealth and preservation of self-esteem while being poor and dependant are also characteristic for the Russians. Traits such as pride, self-esteem, self-criticism, self-flagellation reveal the peculiar aspects of Russian patriotism. Religiosity is the basis of Russian spiritual life.

Keywords: Russian national character, peasants’ community, religion, patriotism, social relations.

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