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Sigachev M. I. The national ideology of the Western and southern Slavs as a reflection of their national character

The article analyzes correlation between the national character and national ideologies of Western and Southern Slavs. Article’s author regards different Slavic ideologies such as Polish Jagiellonian idea, Austro-Slavism, Panslavism, Illyrianism, Yugoslavism, Ustashism, Great-Serbianism, Great-Bulgarianism. On the basis of analysis of Slavic ideologies the article gives capacious characteristics of national mentalities of Western and Southern Slavs: Poles are characterized by Slavic Catholicism; Czechs — by Slavic Catholicism, Slavic Protestantism and Slavic atheism; Slovaks — by dualism of Slavic Catholicism, and Slavic Protestantism; Croatians and Slovenians — by Germanophile Slavic Catholicism; Serbs — by Rusophile Slavic Byzantianism; Bulgarians — by Germanophile Slavic Byzantianism. Besides this, the author tries to formulate basic principles of common Slavic identity.

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