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Sigachev M. I. The Slavic National Character in the Works by Pan-Slavic and Slavophile Thinkers

The article is devoted to the analysis of views of slavophile and panslavist thinkers on Slavs as a whole and national peculiarities of different Slavic nations. On the basis of slavophile and panslavist thought it analyses general Slavic characteristics, as well as patterns of Slavic peoples. The article’s author makes a conclusion that slavophile and panslavist thinkers emphasized the following features of Slavs in general: 1)peacefulness 2) collectivism and communality 3) openness towards foreign cultures 4) spontaneity, randomness 5) negative attitude towards German culture; predominance of rural areas over cities, peasants — over citizens. As far as national characters of Slavic nations are concerned, the author makes a conclusion that slavophile and panslavist ideologists drew attention to the following national peculiarities of Slavic nations: 1) Russians (Eastern Slavs) are “Slavic Romans” which embody state unity 2) Southern and Western Slavs have strong disintegration tendencies 3) Serbs are divided within themselves 4) Poles are the most pro-Western Slavic nation 5) Bulgarians are mostly peasants 6) The Czech national character is close to the German one 7) Slovaks are under cultural Hungarian influence 8) Coastal Slavs like autonomy, independence and sea trade.

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