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Kuznetcov D. A. A Survey Introduction to the Siberian Mentality

In the great Siberian part of Russia there are several “families” of different ethnic groups, some of them save mental principles of the very early epoch of humanity. Generalization of Siberian mentality is the hardest research task. In this overview paper I would outline five features of Siberian mentality, which are explicated from the literature on mentality, traditional world view and lifestyle of Siberian peoples, including Russian old-timers, Yakuts, Evenks and Nganasans. These features are firstly, the variegation (Multi-part structure), which arises from the permanent reconfiguration of the tribes among some ethnic groups. The great Siberian mosaic includes Paleo-Asiatic, Ural, Ket, Slavic, Turk, Mongol, Tungus-Manchu ethnic groups. Secondly, the mobility, “quick mind” that arises from mobile lifestyle. Next is the adaptation, “flexible thinking”. Fourthly, one of the basic qualities is the balance and finally the generosity (inter-inexhaustibility).

Keywords: Siberia, mentality, Siberian character, Siberian peoples, Middle Siberia.

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