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Lamazhaa Ch. K.: Ethnopsychological studies of the Tuvans: sociocultural and psychological aspects

The article presents an overview of sociocultural and psychological works on national character, mentality of the Tuvans (the titular ethnic group of the Republic of Tuva). The author has also made ​​an attempt to describe the national character of the Tuvans. I. Cohn singled out sociocultural and psychological descriptions (culture-centered and individual-centered researches). Thus, we have examined two groups of sources.

Author's description is based on the nature factor that caused a particular national character of the Tuvans. The natural landscape has not only become the basis of nomadic farming, but also helped to build the picture of the world, led to the cultural ‘codes’ of consciousness, created psychological formulas. The feeling of enclosure, isolation from the outside world is very important for the Tuvans as mountain ridges are located on almost all sides of Tuva. Continental climate determined ‘sharply continental’ national traits: people are opposite, antonymous, contradictory.

The article has a preliminary character that enables further research in the field of ethnic psychology, cultural studies.

Keywords: national character, Tuva, the Tuvans, a natural factor.

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